how long is youtube tv free trial

How Long is YouTube TV Free Trial? Explore the Details

Thinking about ditching cable and trying streaming? It’s key to understand how long is YouTube TV free trial lasts. You’ll get a full gist of the trial, its length, and what you can do with it. This info will help you decide if YouTube TV fits your needs.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a place for live TV, your favorite shows anytime you want, and a lot of other TV content. It includes channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and ESPN. You can use it easily on lots of devices.

Why Consider the Free Trial?

The free trial lets people try YouTube TV without risk. It opens the door to all the TV and video content. This way, users can see if it’s right for them before paying anything.

This is great for anyone wanting to check out new TV services for free.

How Long is YouTube TV Free Trial?

understanding how long is YouTube TV free trial

Knowing how long is YouTube TV free trial lasts is very important for those thinking about it. The trial’s length, along with any special deals, helps people see if it’s good for them.

Standard Trial Length

The usual YouTube TV free trial lasts for seven days. This week-long period lets new folks check out the service. They can see its features and decide if it’s what they need. Plus, all the content is free during this time.

Promotional Offers

Sometimes, YouTube TV offers longer free trials as special deals. These can be 14, 30 days, or more, depending on what’s going on. Watching out for these promotions can give you extra time to try YouTube TV without paying.

To catch these special deals, it’s smart to keep up with the YouTube TV website. Subscribing to newsletters is a good idea too. Using these offers can really help make the trial period better for new users. It allows for a more thorough test of the service before making a decision.

YouTube TV Free Trial Duration: What’s Included

YouTube TV’s free trial gives you access to many channels. It’s a great chance to see what they offer before committing. You get to browse through their variety of shows and cool options.

Available Channels

With the YouTube TV trial, you can watch over 85 channels. These include live sports, news, and shows for kids. Big names like ABC, CBS, and Disney Channel are all there. So, there’s something for everyone.

Streaming Features and Benefits

The trial also lets you try powerful streaming features. You can record shows with unlimited cloud DVR. This means you can watch later, without ads, from anywhere. You can stream on three devices at the same time, great for family viewing. Plus, finding what you like is easy with a simple search and a clear layout.

Steps to Sign Up for YouTube TV Free Trial

Getting into the YouTube TV free trial is simple. It’s a great way to check out what it offers without paying anything. Here’s how to get started and make the most of your trial.

Creating a Google Account

Firstly, confirm that you have a Google account. If not, go make one. This account gets you into YouTube TV. Just head to Google’s account page and fill in your info, like your name and email. You might need to add your phone number for verification. When done, you’re almost ready for your YouTube TV free look.

Navigating the Signup Process

Now, sign up for YouTube TV. Go to their site and click “Try it Free.” You’ll need to use your Google account details again. Then, follow what the site says, agree to their rules, and put in your payment info. But, they won’t bill you until your free trial ends. This gives you time to see if YouTube TV fits your needs. Just go through these steps carefully to start enjoying YouTube TV.

Extending the YouTube TV Free Trial Period

Extending the YouTube TV Free Trial Period

Many users want to extend their YouTube TV trial. Luckily, there are special deals to do just that. This can help you enjoy more TV without paying right away.

Special Promotions

YouTube TV offers special deals often. You can find these during holidays or on specific devices. Make sure to watch for announcements to get more from your trial.

With these extra deals, you get more time to watch YouTube TV for free.

Referral Program Details

Do you have friends who might like YouTube TV too? Inviting them can make your trial longer. You both get something out of it. For each friend who signs up, you can watch for more days without paying.

Actively bringing friends in can mean more days of free YouTube TV. It’s a great way to see premium shows without extra costs.

YouTube TV Trial Length vs. Competitors

It’s important to weigh the free trial lengths and perks when picking a streaming service. This comparison helps viewers decide between YouTube TV and its rivals wisely.

Comparing Free Trial Offers

Each major streaming service offers something special during their free trials. YouTube TV gives a week for free, similar to Hulu with Live TV. But Hulu can sometimes give a whole month for some special events. On the other hand, Sling TV keeps their trial short, only for three days. It’s best to check each service’s website to get the latest on their trial deals.

Why YouTube TV Stands Out?

YouTube TV shines in the streaming crowd because of its broad channel selection and cool features for Google users. One big plus is the free DVR with lots of space to save shows. This makes it simple and free to keep up with your favorites. The service is also easy to use and plays nice with many different gadgets, making it a top pick for many.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Trial Subscription?

How to Cancel YouTube TV Trial Subscription

Cancelling your trial on YouTube TV before it costs money is easy. First, we’ll guide you through the steps to cancel. We’ll also explain YouTube TV’s refund policy clearly.

Steps to Cancel

To start, log in to your YouTube TV account on a web browser. Click on your profile icon at the top-right to find the settings. Choose “Membership” from the menu. In the “YouTube TV” section, click on “Deactivate Membership.” Follow the steps to confirm your cancellation. Make sure you see a message saying it was successful.

Refund Policy

YouTube TV’s refund policy is key to understand. Since the trial is free, there’s no payment to refund. But, if you start paying and then cancel early in a billing cycle, you won’t get money back for the unused time. To avoid extra charges, cancel just before your next bill date. Always check their terms for the latest refund info.


The duration of the free trial offer for YouTube TV is an important factor to consider when deciding whether to sign up for the service. Currently, YouTube TV offers a free trial period of seven days to new subscribers. This allows users to explore the platform and determine if it meets their needs before committing to a paid subscription.

During the seven-day free trial, users have access to all the features and channels that YouTube TV has to offer. This includes live TV from over 85 networks, unlimited DVR storage, and the ability to stream on multiple devices simultaneously. It’s a great opportunity to test out the service and see if it aligns with your viewing preferences.

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