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Highest Paying Trade Jobs: Explore Lucrative Careers

Trade careers don’t require expensive degrees to start. Jobs like construction managers, elevator mechanics, and dental hygienists pay well. They also have good job security and chances to move up without spending a lot of time in college.

1. Construction Managers: Overseeing Building Projects

Construction managers overseeing building projects

Construction managers are key in the world of building projects. They make sure everything happens smoothly, on time, and budget. This includes work on public sites, commercial buildings, homes, and factories. They make sure these projects are successful.

Responsibilities and Required Skills

These managers have a lot to do. They make cost estimates, plan when each job happens, and solve issues that come up. They must be good at running the business, leading people, and communicating. It’s their job to keep everything moving forward and under control.

Education and Training Requirements

To work in this role, you usually need an associate degree and some training on the job. Many start as hands-on workers like carpenters or electricians. With more education, like a bachelor’s degree, you can tackle bigger projects and earn more money.

Salary Expectations and Career Outlook

Construction managers do well financially, with a median yearly salary of $104,900. Senior project managers at the top earn a median of $109,431. In the corporate world of construction management, the median annual salary is $101,333.

2. Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers

Elevator and escalator installers and repairers working on site

Elevator and escalator installers and repairers have important jobs. They ensure elevators and escalators work safely and install, fix, and maintain these systems in various places, such as stores, homes, and parks.

These workers read plans, change broken parts, and check for safe use. Their main tasks include installing new systems, fixing them, or keeping them working. Each area requires special knowledge and skills.

The job market looks good for these workers. Between 2019 and 2029, the need for them is expected to increase by 7%. On average, they make around $102,420 a year, which is really good for a job in the trades.

3. Radiation Therapists: Treating Cancer Patients

Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists are key in cancer treatment, using high tech for radiation. They work with doctors and others to craft patient-specific plans. This field pays well, averaging $98,300 yearly, with a 7% job growth expected by 2029. It’s among the highest paying trade jobs.

Job Duties and Work Environment

They inform patients about their treatment, drive radiation machines, and keep precise records. They also watch for bad reactions in patients. Their work spans hospitals to outpatient centers. In outpatient settings, they make about $119,530 a year. At equipment suppliers, they earn $109,315. Hospitals and doctors’ offices pay $104,520 and $98,470, respectively.

Education and Licensing Requirements

Becoming a radiation therapist requires a two-year program in radiation therapy. These programs teach topics like disease study, planning treatments, and radiation science. They also give hands-on machine practice. After graduation, a state license is often needed. This includes passing a national test.

Salary Potential and Career Advancement

The median salary for radiation therapists is $98,300, but this can change based on location, experience, and job role. Teachers in radiation therapy earn $97,290 a year, while those in labs make $93,030. Chief therapists with extra duties get $91,962. The field is steadily growing, with stable jobs and chances to advance.

4. Nuclear Medicine Technologists: Utilizing Radiopharmaceuticals

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Nuclear medicine technologists have a key role in healthcare. They use radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat. This career path has good pay and growth opportunities.

Technologists usually need to be certified, but rules can differ by state. You can get certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or the Atomic Medicine Certification Board (NMTCB). You can also take extra exams for special PET, NCT, or CT certifications.

The median salary for these professionals is $78,760 per year. Technologists in outpatient centers earn more than those in other places. Due to an aging population, job growth is 2% by 2031.

5. Dental Hygienists: Promoting Oral Health

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists are key to keeping mouths healthy and preventing dental issues. They work with dentists to provide preventive care and teach patients how to take good care of their teeth.

Dental hygienists are vital to the dental team, ensuring everyone keeps their smiles healthy.

Responsibilities and Work Settings

These professionals have several key tasks. They clean teeth to remove plaque and tartar, take X-rays, apply fluoride, and show patients how to brush and floss properly.

Education and Licensing Requirements

To enter this field, you must complete a dental hygiene program, which usually takes two to three years. Classes cover topics like anatomy, radiography, and patient care.

Salary Range and Career Growth

Dental hygienists make a good living and are in high demand. In 2020, the median salary was $77,090. Job opportunities are expected to increase by 11% by 2030.

6. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians

Electronics Engineering Technicians

Technicians in electrical and electronics engineering are crucial. They help engineers create many devices, like computers and medical tools. They work closely with engineers, turning new ideas into real technology in various fields.

These technicians do a lot. They build electrical gadgets and make detailed diagrams. They use special tools to make parts and keep everything running smoothly. They are needed in many areas, from making things to research, development, and the government.

Assisting Engineers in Creating Equipment

Technicians play a key role in bringing new equipment to life. They help make prototypes and check that every part works right. Working together with engineers ensures that the final product does what it should.

In the United States, electrical engineers make a good amount of money. The average yearly pay is around $97,559; some can even get bonuses up to $401,000. This shows that this field has good money for those who work hard, including technicians.

Education and Certification Options

People usually go to trade schools to work as technicians. There, they learn about physics, electronics, and more. Students also practice reading plans, writing reports, and recording data.

Getting certified by groups like NICET or ISA can also help. These certifications prove your skills. They can lead to better pay and jobs.

The need for skilled technicians is rising. Jobs are expected to grow by 2% from 2019 to 2029. The median yearly salary is $72,800. Jobs in this field pay well and offer a bright future for those who love working with technology.

7. Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians

Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians

Aircraft mechanics, avionics equipment mechanics, and their peers have some of the highest-paying trade jobs around. They work on aircraft, ensuring safety by fixing and checking them thoroughly. Aircraft mechanics focus on the mechanical and electrical parts. They fix problems and use special tools on the planes.

Avionics equipment technicians handle the plane’s electronic side. This includes testing the electronics, installing new parts, and keeping detailed records of their work.

These roles require great attention to detail, nimble fingers, a sharp eye, and physical stamina. The pay for aircraft mechanics can range from $35,000 to $110,000 a year, depending on their expertise and where they work.

In contrast, the typical starting salary in the field was $73,050 in 2022. Head and jet mechanics can pull in more, sometimes over $100,000.

8. Boilermakers: Installing and Maintaining Boiler Systems


Boilermakers specialize in putting together and fixing boilers, vessels that heat liquids and gases. They earn a lot because their work is in high demand. Their job is key in ensuring boiler systems work well in places like buildings, factories, and ships.

Job Duties and Work Environments

Boilermakers have several big jobs. They read design plans and place boiler parts correctly during setup. They use machines, tools, and their hands to build and maintain boilers. They also do tasks like installing fireproof bricks and fixing air cleaners.

These workers can be found everywhere, from building sites to factories. The work can be hard, needing strong muscles and lots of stamina. They lift heavy items and work in tight spots as part of their job.

Highest Paying Trade Jobs: A Comprehensive List

Looking for a well-paying job that doesn’t need a lot of schooling? Trade jobs are a great choice. They offer good pay, steady work, and chances to move up. This article will look at top-paying trades like electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, and ultrasonographers.

1. Electricians

Electricians install, fix, and maintain electrical systems in homes, businesses, and factories. They’re a good option with a $60,040 yearly salary and 6% job growth. You typically need a high school diploma and some apprenticeship training.

2. Plumbers

Plumbing is another good choice. Plumbers install and fix water systems. They earn around $59,880 a year and have a 2% job growth rate. Like electricians, you need a high school diploma and apprenticeship training.

3. HVAC Technicians

HVAC techs deal with heating and cooling systems. They make sure buildings’ systems are working well. Their yearly salary is about $48,630. There’s a 6% job growth; you usually need a high school diploma and specific training.

4. Ultrasonographers

Ultrasonographers use special equipment to take internal images for health checks. The job requires an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but the pay is good, around $75,380 to $77,810 a year. The field is growing fast, at 10% yearly, making it a great option.

Dental hygienists, boilermakers, and aircraft technicians are also highly paid. With the right training, many doors can open in these trades, which offer good salaries and stable careers in growing fields.


Today’s job market is changing fast. Skilled trades are a great way to make a good living without needing a lot of college. Jobs like construction managers, electricians, and welders can make over $100,000 a year. Professions like mechanics, technicians, and plumbers can also earn big with less schooling. Often, you can learn on the job through apprenticeship programs.

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